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Conclusion: We find be2 to be an excellent service!

The site attracts fun and interesting singles who are looking for a meaningful relationship.

Joined for 1 month only, yet my credit card continued to be debited. I've now been told by an acquaintance that my profile still exists on another site.

When I questioned this I was told that be2 share profiles with other sites to save people paying memberships on multiple sites. I now have to try and find this site and delete this unauthorised profile.

After 1 month, I found my creditcard bill has shown a amount of 179CDN, I looked it up and found it was charged by be2 for a regular membership monthly fee.

I called my creditcard company told them this was an unauthorized transaction so I got my money back.

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be2 users are serious professionals who know what they want and expect a high quality service.I received this letter from a solicitor claims to represent b2 and asking me to pay my membership fee by Feb 21 this month. / Is there anyone else has same issue with a solicitor involved? If its so important why dont they write an actual letter? They first took £149 from me, I got my bank to withdraw that back to me.I then had a letter from them saying they wanted it back.So I paid the money with my card and began my search for Mr. It didn't take me long to realise that this wasn't for me. Every day when I opened my email inbox there would be mail from Be2, telling me there was 'new matches' for me.In the end I got fed up and went back to the site to cancel my membership. Then four weeks ago - to the day, as I write this - I went to the bank to make a withdrawal, where I was told I had insufficient funds. I only checked my account online twenty minutes ago and there was money in there then, The teller went on to tell me that I had used my card at 10.05 (it was now 10.20) and the transaction was for £149.95.

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