Horrible internet dating experiences

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Spanking can be a lot of fun, especially if both you and your partner are equally into it.

If spanking is something that really turns you on and you’d like to meet someone local to play with, a spanking dating site can be just the thing.

In 2013 I read a blog post by someone who bravely shared a horrible experience of online dating and this inspired me to write about my experiences.

I do know people who have had positive experiences of online dating, but anyone entering into into this world should do so cautiously, whether they are male or female.

Internet dating has become one of the biggest and most successful business ventures on the World Wide Web.

Be aware that once this photograph is posted, it can be seen anywhere in the world and it can be copied and used by anyone for any purpose.

When looking to find spanking partners online, we usually have to head to a broader BDSM dating site like or

This site wins because it was created just for men and women who like to give and recieve spankings!

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